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    Konexx Konference Digital Phone Adapter:  $119

    Konexx Konference will adapt a conference phone to connect to a digital phone. It connects to your phone's coiled handset cord to provide an analog signal to the conference phone.

    Konexx Konference Digital Phone Adapter
    Polycom Wireless
  • VoiceStation 100 Specs
  • VoiceStation 100: Polycom's Inexpensive Phone
    Personal Speaker Phone for Home Use and Low Priority Conferencing

    The VoiceStation 100 was designed as an economical option for use by 1-3 people in conference rooms smaller than 8 x 10 ft. A remote sales person might use this from their home-based office, to listen to the weekly sales meeting and to audio training programs.

    Please call us to provide a free consultation for your specific conferencing needs at (847) 289-1100. We recognize that your budget is important. However, purchasing an undersized conference phone may cost you customers, time, and in the Handling returns is expensive. Polycom does not offer a try-it-buy-it program on the VoiceStation 100. Their warranty only covers product failure. We can only take returns on the VoiceStation 100 if it has a manufactured defect and breaks under normal use within the first year. We can work with you to select the most economical unit that will suite your needs and save us all a lot of time and effort. Please note the room size and number of conference attendees that the VoiceStation will accommodate.

    VoiceStation 100 Only $259 Order your $259 Polycom VoiceStation 100 today!

    Personal Speakerphone
    The VoiceStation 100 uses a single echo canceller (compared with 3 on the SoundStation2) for its three low-end mics and its noise reduction capability is dependant upon the room being very small and fully enclosed. The VoiceStation 100 can support 1-3 people at most... being positioned 1-2 foot from the unit's microphones, and noise being kept to a minimum. It has no capability for groups beyond 3 people.

    GeBX recommends the SoundStation2 or VTX1000 for applications involving communications by individuals that are physically challenged by traditional phones. Especially for the elderly, we recommend the VTX1000, RAV, SoundStation2W, or Max Wireless but not VoiceStation 100. For these special applications we have been very successful in enriching people's lives by providing tools that enhance their ability to communicate. The VoiceStation 100 is not reliable or durable enough to provide a comfort level for elderly or otherwise physically impared users. The volume level doubles when you look at the VTX100, SoundStation2, 2W, ClearOne Max, and with RAV it more than quadruples. The SoundStation Premier, which has been discontinued, is also much louder. The ability to communicate is far too important. If your budget is driving the selection, please call us for a quote on a pre-owned conference phone instead or visit

    Polycom Premier 3 Year Maintenance: $69

    Polycom Premier Maintenance includes overnight component replacement, unlimited technical support, and software updates. Since these are cheaply made; you will need this to protect your investment.

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