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  • Use for Conference Calls, A/V Equipment, & PA System
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    RAV 600/900
    Remote Antenna

    ClearOne RAV 600 and RAV 900 Remote Antenna Accessory Kit.

    RAV 600/900
    Wired Controller

    RAV Wired Controller

    Konexx Konference Digital Phone Adapter:  $119

    Konexx Konference will adapt RAV to a digital phone. The Konexx Konference connects to your phone's coiled handset cord to provide an analog signal. Handset must remain off-hook during use. Please call us for additional options.

    Konexx Konference Digital Phone Adapter
    Wireless SoundStation
    Cordless Polycom
    Wireless SoundStation
    Cordless Polycom
    Wireless SoundStation
    Cordless Polycom
    Wireless SoundStation
    Cordless Polycom
    Wireless SoundStation
    Cordless Polycom
    Wireless SoundStation
    Cordless Polycom
  • RAV 600 / RAV 900 Specs
  • RAV 600/900 Manual
  • RAV-Ware 2.1.1
  • RAV Firmware 1.1.18
  • ClearOne RAV 600 and RAV 900

    Travel: Excuses for Budget, to Customers, to Company and to Family

    RAV audio conferencing systems clearly say professional upon first glance. So what? Unbox it and place it on the table in the corner. Plug it into a power outlet. Connect it to the phone line with a standard line cord. Then plug the two Bose Speakers into it and screw the remote antenna onto the base. Connect the two or three small, artsy, triple-mic arrays together and connect to the base with included Cat5 cable. Carry the wireless executive conferencing console over to your senior executive. Its intuitive. No need to explain how to use it. No more excuses.

    RAV 900 Audio Conference System.

    Are your conference calls mission critical? Do you discuss the direction of your organization in your conference room? Do you speak with customers or clients about their needs? Do you negotiate contracts via conference call? Are some training sessions done by conference phone? Do you brainstorm with associates to improve products or services by conference phone? Whether you use video or not, the audio must carry the primary message. Focus on the negotiation because RAV will eliminate the distractions and your message will be delivered loud and clear. Your conference calls will sound face-to- face to the other side when the ambient noise, reverberation, and echos are eliminated. You will hear the words and inflection in the caller's voice will be delivered too. Just like being there. Action items get attention within seconds because travel wasn't necessary. Its easier to set follow-up meetings because meetings are more productive. For what your organization pays for communication skills in individuals, how can you justify not providing those individuals with the right tools for the job? RAV...its a no-brainer.

    • Audio, Video, and PC -Based Web Conference Use
    • Bose Speakers + ClearEffect Loudspeaker Technology
    • Components Engineered to Deliver Installed Audio Results

    The RAV system can also be fully integrated with rich-media devices, such as video and webconferencing systems, for enhanced audio performance. It doesn't need a phone call to be productive either. Whether presenting to the board of directors, a group of investors, your clients, or your staff, RAV's digital mixer, amplifier, microphone pods, and Bose speakers are custom tuned to clean and reinforce sound, so that your message is delivered with untethered power. Just to make sure though... add multi-media content to your message through RAV's single input connection to CD, DVD players, VCRs, etc. Control the audio from the wireless executive console and hear it through the system's speakers.

    RAV® 600

    This is the RAV 600 conferencing system includes an audio mixer, two microphone pods, a wireless controller, two Bose® loudspeakers (ceiling or wall-mount) and RAV-Ware" configuration software.

    RAV 600 Audio Conference System.
    Sale Price: $1,999
    (List Price is $2,599)

    Each RAV microphone array includes 3 microphones. Mic pods should be placed 4 ft. from participants for the best quality sound which gives each pod an 8 ft. area of coverage. Fair sound quality is achievable within a 24 ft. wide circle surrounding each mic array.

    ClearOne RAV room design example.

    RAV is a component driven architecture like more expensive models. RAV however is able to incorporate the best from each component through very detailed integration engineering because the components were designed to work together from the beginning and because their evolution is controlled by the same engineering team.

    ClearOne RAV-Ware screen shot showing the Record/Playback device list.

    Audio Mixer: The heart of the RAV 600/900 audio conferencing system is the Audio Mixer, which provides audio processing to ensure audio quality for natural communication. This unit can be placed on a shelf or rack-mounted.

    • Sound Quality - Exceeds any conferencing phone on the market
    • ClearEffectTM Loudspeaker Technology - Provides high-fidelity audio to your conference.
    • Bose® Loudspeakers - Deliver the power of ClearEffect and your meetings.
    • Microphone Gating - Mics closest to the person speaking "gate-on" and other mics "gate off" to reduce unwanted noise.
    • Integration - With PC-based web-conferencing applications and videoconferencing systems.
    • Wireless Tabletop Controller - Centralizes command of technology.
    • Remote System Management - Allows cost-effective reconfiguration as your needs and room configuration change.
    • Remote Upgrade Capability - Insures that new innovations will become tools for your organization too.

    RAV® 900

    The RAV 900 conferencing system includes an audio mixer, three microphone pods, a wireless controller, two Bose® loudspeakers (ceiling or wall-mount) and RAV-Ware" configuration software.

    RAV 900 Audio Conference System.
    Sale Price: $2,399
    (List Price is $3,099)

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    ClearOne RAV-Ware screen shot showing the Record/Playback device list.

    RAV-Ware Screen Shot

    RAV-Ware: On those rare occasions when you need to customize the audio settings, RAV-Ware can configure a system via the built-in USB or Ethernet connection. RAV-Ware application software provides a drag-and-drop interface to customize the audio in your RAV audio conferencing system.

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